Spartan Elite Series

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You will be pushed physically beyond failure,
You will be mentally tested beyond understanding.
You will get sore, you will get dirty, you will be tired,
But do not ever quit…

You will learn that your personal struggles will be noticed,
You will learn that your weaknesses will be identified,
But always know that your strengths are your greatest advantage,
And that advantage will always lead you to victory…

Only then will you understand that your pain is worth the sacrifice,
Only then will your sacrifice be worth the reward.
Your motivation and determination will be your greatest personal victory,
And your greatest personal victory will always be something that you can achieve…

But you have to start, and never quit…

The term "Spartan" is synonymous with fearlessness and having endurance. Both male & female citizens were trained in the discipline and honor of the warrior society. Together, we will become a team that can use their strengths along with their weaknesses to be unified as one.
SPARTAN ELITE SERIES is the next level in fitness at Eagle Pointe.

This ongoing, 3 phase training series will push you. You will get wet, you will get tired, but you will succeed.


The total cost of your introductory session.
You do not have to be an EPRC member to participate.
Pay it all at once or in installments.
Cost covers one Spartan Training t-shirt. Spartans can purchase additional shirts for $20 each.

What's involved:
•  Olympic style lifting
•  Cardio endurance (running & swimming)
•  Team Objectives
•  Kickboxing techniques & ground work
•  Nutritional Guidance

Important Registration Update

Update 1/26/2017: We are planning an upcoming Spartan  class. Dates TBD.

Are you ready to be ELITE; to push yourself harder and farther than you ever have before?Spartan Success
Are you ready for a new level of motivation and reach new heights of physical and personal fitness goals?
Are you ready for the new fundamental building blocks of success and determination?
Are you ready to “come and take it”

I’m ready to train like a Spartan, are you?!