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Body Back® Transformation Classes

Body Back® HIIT Transformation Classes are 45 minutes of high intensity interval training along with a 5 minute warm up and 10 minute cool down and meditation. Pre-Enrollment is is REQUIRED to reserve your spot. This is a child free workout and the intensity level is not permitted for pregnant moms. It's recommended that you are 6 months postpartum before starting this class after baby.

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Body Back® Transformation classes consist of:

  • HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (participants cannot be pregnant and must be 6 months postpartum, must be able to run, jump, and work core)
  • Before & After assessments *first and last day of class MUST BE PRESENT to be assessed*
  • Class will be primarily outside
  • Classes are 60 minutes, twice a week
  • Additional workouts at home/in the gym are required for transformation (#homeworkmatters)
  • Sticking to the nutrition plan is required for transformation
  • REVAMPED nutrition guide and recipes online
  • REVAMPED at-home workout videos online
March 28, 2017 - May 18, 2017

Tuesdays & Thursdays
at 6:30PM